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Prayer Cascade



The prayer cascade is for members of Teams in GB who wish to ask friends in Teams to join them in prayer for a personal or family concern. The prayer cascade is closed, not public, so members must have their email address registered before they can send or receive messages to or from the prayer cascade.



The Prayer Cascade is only for prayer requests; please be sure that the person or family concerned do wish for a prayer request to be sent out to all Teams members in the UK.

Other information requests or distributions must go through Regional Couples. Their email addresses are southern@ central@ and northern@ teamsGB.org.uk respectively.




The cascade has been set-up with nearly 600 addresses.


If you wish to join please use the 2nd form below. -- the joining process is moderated and so is not immediate.

If you wish to unsubscribe, the simple email click and alternative 'form' method is in the 3rd section below.

If you wish to change your email address, please unsubscribe the old one and re-join with your new address.



To send a message directly to the Prayer Cascade please use this form.

Subscribers (ie Teams Members) with a BT email address should just send an email to Teamsprayers@googlegroups.com

including their name, team and sector.

This is because of a BT security feature. Thank you.

All fields must be filled in.

("Prayer Request" will automatically prefix subject)

In which city did Fr Caffarel live?



To join the Prayer Cascade please use this form.

All fields must be filled in.

In which country did Fr Caffarel start Teams?


When processed by the webmasters, you will then receive a confirmation "invitation" from Google Groups to join the prayer cascade. You click the link and that's it. After that you send a prayer request by using the form above.



To UNSUBSCRIBE from the Prayer Cascade click here to send a blank email.

To use the email link above, the email must be sent from the subscribed email address.

If for some reason the simple email unsubscribe method above is difficult, please use this form. All fields must be completed. Thank you.

In which country did Fr Caffarel start Teams?